Incredible wood between a Russian officer and an American secret agent [video]

Wild wood fell on the steps of the american embassy in Moscow between Russian police and american secret…
agent who worked there as a diplomat. The images broadcast on Russian television network NTV.
Reports about the incident had come to light at the end of last month. The Washington Post, citing american diplomats, stressed that an employee at the embassy was attacked on June 6 by a police officer.
Russian officials have argued on the contrary that the diplomat attacked the police officer.
The plan vision, which appears to be from a cctv camera from the road opposite the entrance of the embassy, it shows a yellow cab stops and a man gets out from the vehicle than the passenger seat.
The man moves determined towards the entrance of the building, but after just three steps, abruptly opens the door to the κουβούκλιου of the police guard that was standing next to.
A man in a police uniform pops out, grabs the other man and starts to fight with him on the ground, about two meters from the entrance door to the building of the embassy.
The two men wrestle on the floor and the man got out of the vehicle manages, dragging with the police over it, to get into the door of the building. At this point the audiovisual material stops.
The US embassy did not reply directly, after communication of the news agency Reuters for a comment.
A representative of the Russian Foreign ministry stressed that the police officer wanted to take control of the documents of the man to determine if he is a danger to the security of the embassy, but he got elbowed in the face when he tried to check on him. He added that the employee at the embassy was a CIA agent who operated under diplomatic cover.
The USA accuse Russia for a series of acts of harassment against the diplomats in Moscow, while Russia blames from the side of Washington that treats it in a similar way Russian diplomats based in the united states.