Incredible! What did he do in his body and ended up in surgery?

In emergency surgery, was presented a man from the…
Costa Rica, after excessive sexual experimentation with
the plant cassava.
The doctors from the Hospital San Juan de Dios, were shocked when they removed from the anus of the man a root of the plant with a length of 45 cm!
The 55-year-old used the plant in the shape of a penis like sex toy but the extravagance drove him to the hospital.
Had to go to the doctors when one of the two condoms that he had placed on the root of the plant broke through. And because they could be infected was taken to the surgery that lasted about an hour.
Yes, the doctors caught it on video the removal of the plant elsewhere and a condom from the anus of the 55χρονου and uploaded it to the internet.
The doctors reported that the health situation of the patient is stable.