Incredible trick: How to not smell alcohol on either a field sobriety test?

We’re all human and can be…
dropped off at noon from the office for a drink but don’t want to smell alcohol on you when you return.
Some useful tips are:
Try to get it from the pharmacy a preparation of vegetable carbon. It is an economical and effective product that is internationally recognised here, many years for the ability to detoxify the body.
The vegetal carbon from Coconut shell is 25 times more start char, k so most effective, from the Plant’s coal Ash that are commonly found in the trade.
One easy solution if you don’t have vegetable carbon is to eat food with spices or too much garlic. I don’t smell alcohol, but of course smell of garlic, while a good solution, and it’s easy to try out nuts, chips or popcorn. Take them with you to the office k snack all the time, reducing the smell of alcohol.