Incredible! This is for the Christmas lights and the… Ethiopia did you know?

The amount of energy…
consumed in the U.S. by christmas lights during the Christmas holidays exceeds the annual energy consumption of poor countries, such as Ethiopia or El Salvador, according to researchers at the american institute. The lights that adorn particularly the christmas trees and whole houses in some cases in the united states consume 6,63 billion kilowatt-hours. On an annual basis, the energy consumption in El Salvador reaches of 5.35 billion, in Ethiopia 5.3 billion. and in Tanzania the 4,81 billion.
To reach this conclusion, two researchers of the Centre for Global Development Todd Moss and Priscilla Αγκιαπόνγκ, a cross between elements of a study of the ministry of Energy of the united states of 2008 with data drawn from the World Bank. As reported, these 6,63 billion kilowatt-hours represent only 0.2% of the total energy consumption in the U.S. within a year. Nevertheless, this energy would be enough to serve 14 million refrigerators.
The researchers recall also that the energy that households consume in the U.S. is, on average, one quarter of the total consumption of the country. “In other words, 70% of the electricity consumed outside the household, in commercial and industrial zones” are, whereas the domestic consumption may not be only “one of the factors” in the framework of the implementation of a strategy for energy savings.