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Incredible! Again President of ND Costas Karamanlis on?

The first round of the interior…elections for the leadership of the SOUTHWEST has come to an end and as it seems everybody and everything has worked out for his return in the near future.Karamanlis in the leadership of the party, and eventually the prime ministership of the country. The διαφιανόμενη prevalence of E.Meimarakis with the help of the K.Karamanlis in this aim.E.Meimarakis think I’ll keep it “warm” the place for the former prime minister, who is not wanted on'way to καταλλήξει two years younger than me, representing the right wing, and, of course, nor in the offspring of the family of Mitsotakis, but rather the man who was and is a close political friend. E.Meimarakis will pave the way for the επιτροφή the nephew of the founder of the faction and of course the whole communication game “ran away” in the last few days for the contacts Etc.Tsipras and K.Karamanlis that was intended, to make it look like the former prime minister that has an active role in the political arena, but also that it is he who “endows” E.Meimarakis in the race of succession for the leadership of the party. It is as clear as if it seemed an oxymoron that between the καραμανλική wing of the SOUTHWEST and the first.”There are outed ties which largely will depend on the next day in the SOUTHWEST, and the new leadership. A.Tsipras and K.Karamanlis have an intimate political relationship,which is not hidden anymore. Besides for this, and there have been in the last few days the leaks on the between the phone calls on critical days of July after the “NO” the referendum, as well as a objective had been the emergence of the former prime minister in the role of active political actor despite the until now φιανομενική detachment from the political life. Besides, a lot of strains but also a large share of voters of the SOUTHWEST do not hide that they want the return of the leadership of the party. There is also due to the support provided by the former prime minister in the Evangelos Meimarakis at the battle of succession. As we all know.Karamanlis is particularly λαοφιλής and therefore could (and finally did) to influence the electoral base of the party in favour of the Eh.Meimarakis. In the communication game participated in particular we would say fine and the the Maximos Mansion, which has confirmed the contact of the two men, highlighting, of course, from their own side role of mr Tsipras and the non-negotiable aim of “to support with the choice of the weak Greeks”, which of course never happened, no matter how it seeks to run family. The Memorandum of A.Tsipras is worse and heavier than the previous two Memoranda, together! Although there were two different versions of the details of the conversation, but the substance remained the same, the only thing that changed was who had the initiative and the role of the current President Prokopis Pavlopoulos, as word leaked that prompted the E.Karamanlis to pick up the phone. All right, each story requires a unique way of storytelling, and of course each side has its own. But the fact is that both sides “they brand” and “they did make a fuss” with this deviant prima facie approach. An approach that although it was known from leaks in the past, had been carried out on the substance and acts as confirmed by the choice of P.Pavlopoulos from the first.Tsipras for the presidency of the Republic, but from the fact that the cabinet is located and a close friend and associate of the former prime minister, Dimitris Παπαγγελόπουλος. The possible election of mr. Meimarakis in the leadership of the SOUTHWEST, will likely lead to new efforts of consensus on some critical policies and will not adopt the logic of a frontal rupture and a full-scale war between the conservative faction and the government of SYRIZA-ANEL. If ρωτήσσει someone, who κεδρίζει directly from the yesterday’s elections of the SOUTHWEST, this is A.Tsipras. The prevalence of Meimarakis and the second position taken by Kyriakos help him to implement the third Memorandum, and most of all to pass without a problem in both the Insurance and the Taxation of Farmers. It will pass peacefully, the Insurance and all the latest μνημονιακά prerequisites, as well as the right wing of the party, bad lies, ητήθηκε yesterday. E.Meimarakis won with the help of the K.Karamanlis and Mr.Mitsotakis is known that the first'everybody wants “reforms” whatever that means. Source

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