In Thessaloniki, Fofi Gennimata

Thessaloniki is considered a key city for the intra-party processes of autumn

A two-day visit to Thessaloniki is made today and until Friday by the president of the KINAL, Fofi Gennimata along with local MPs and party officials, including Haris Kastanidis.

Since the beginning of the summer – when health conditions allowed it – the president of the Movement for Change has conducted several tours around Greece. Earlier, the so-called “digital tours” had taken place, in which Fofi Gennimatas renewed and strengthened her relationship with old executives and with youth throughout the country.

Thessaloniki is considered a key city for the intra-party processes of autumn. Fofi Gennimata, on her trip, will present her party’s proposals for upgrading the co-capital and will also develop the ways in which the “Green Social Contract” can be implemented.

In addition, he will contact trade unionists from various labour sectors to discuss with them the new labour bill, which the centre-left party has fiercely fought.

Mrs Gennimata will also meet with members of the youth of Thessaloniki, while it is not excluded that she will also attend the semi-final of EURO together with the executives of the “New Generation”.

On Thursday evening, the main speech of the president of the KINAL is expected, in the port with the central slogan “Thessaloniki the protagonist”.

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