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(Title) squandering public money, which affects one million euros, is examined by the judiciary, so be referred to trial on September 29, 2010 in A Three-Member Court of first instance of Athens, about 110 mayors, former mayors, Mayors, Municipal Councilors, and even MP.
The theme for the 2005-2006 season when the Mayor of Peristeri, Andreas Pahatouridis, in cooperation with the Commissioner of the Court, Theodore Georgakopoulos, allegedly launched the installation of a second building of the municipality, which was built through the EU URBAN to accommodate a European program for the working woman.
According to the proanakritikis process, the removal and installation of the Commissioner of the building was first illegal act in this ‘work’. Further Mr. Pahatouridis allegedly in concert with thirteen mayors of West Attica total disbursement around one million euros to complete the process, either in money or in goods.

The illegal practice is that although there are 13 municipalities to pay for the installation of the Commissioner in a building not belonging to the municipality.
According to the jurisprudence of the Court’s actions as not lawful, as stated in the Act of 2006 T7 94, where the Court, by the Vice-President, H. Ntakouri, rule:
«Commissioned by the City Municipal Corporation that maintenance of the old Palais is deemed unlawful, since that expenditure is incurred for property that is not either owned, or over any other legal means, the assets of the City ».
While the Court’s decision essentially cancels the process, the then Commissioner, T. Georgakopoulos, adopted as a legitimate cost of the . He checked and money orders, which as evidenced so far, much of that money went straight to the Development Corporation of the Municipality of Peristeri.

The “scandal” it is estimated that close to 1.000.000 €: 600chil. million from budgets of municipalities of Attica and West 400chil. € value of the property which was installed by the Commissioner.
It is worth noting that those costs are considered as necessary, should be made through the Ministry of Justice of the Judiciary Fund Financing Megara.
disclosure of the case made by the newspaper “Observer” and that the President of the Court, Georgios-Stavros Kourtis to send the case to the District Attorney.

Among those accused of case are: Andreas Pahatouridis (Mayor of Peristeri), Dimitris Kalogeropoulos (Mayor and Chairman of Egaleo TEDKNA) John Gikas (Deputy Mayor Egaleo), George Liakos (former Mayor of Aspropyrgos), Nikos Study (now Mayor of Aspropyrgos), Isidore Tsigos (alderman Aspropyrgos), George Adams (Mayor of Eleusis), Commander of Medicines (Deputy Mayor Eleusis), Dimitrios Liaskos (Deputy Mayor Eleusis), Panagiotis Linardos (Deputy Mayor Eleusis) Klearhos Tzaferis (Deputy Mayor Eleusis), Vassilis Koukouvinos (former mayor of Ilion), Sunday Ntiniakos (formerly Mayor Haidari), Dimitris Maravelias (now mayor Haidari), winner Kamarinopoulos (Mayor Kamaterou) Theophilus Rokka (Mayor Magoulas), Chrysostomos wire (Mayor Hall), George Bredelis (Deputy Mayor Hall), George Papavasilis (Deputy Mayor Hall), Nicholas Papadimas ( Former mayor of Ano Liosia), Chris Pappas (now mayor of Ano Liosia), Dimitrios Cabolis (Ano Liosia alderman), Andreas Antzampos (Ano Liosia alderman), Stavros Fotiou (Mayor of New Peramou), Anastasios Vourloumis (Haidari Deputy Mayor), Marios Liakopoulos (alderman Going Green) and Lambros Michos (former mayor of Santa Barbara and current PASOK MP).

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