In the House the 13 pre-requisites – Tabled the bill

    In the House was tabled this evening the draft law of the ministry of Finance for the 13 prerequisites measures, the adoption of which will release the sub-tranche of 1 billion. euro.
    The legislation includes provisions for the management of non-performing loans and for the wage costs in the public sector. At the same time, and involves a broad set of structural reforms.
    The bill will be introduced Monday at 2.00 in the afternoon, the standing Committee on Economic Affairs, with the urgency procedure. On Tuesday, at 9.30 in the morning, will be introduced in the Plenary session, with the vote expected within the next 10 hours.
    The Wednesday meeting of the EuroWorking Group, in order to give the final approval for the disbursement of the 1 billion. euro, which is expected for December 18.
    What is included in the omnibus bill:
    Arrangements for the management of non-performing loans
    The new payroll, which, however, will not provide reductions for anyone. Will provides, however, different speeds of adjustment of wages, which means that the senior executives will have faster pay progression than the middle.
    The strengthening of the independence of the General Secretariat of Public Revenue (ΓΓΔΕ).
    The adoption of a further 10 recommendations of the toolbox of the OECD for soft drinks, and petroleum products.
    Improvements to the law on spatial planning and the determination of the forest.
    The provision of time-limit until 30 June 2016 for the submission of income tax return tax year 2015 to those who receive dividends.
    The bill also likely will join (maybe with amendment) the provision for the interconnection of the tax-free threshold for employees and pensioners with the costs that are paid by plastic money or electronic banking transaction.
    Yet, in the list of 13 pre-requisites included commitments that do not require necessarily law, but ministerial decisions or Presidential Decrees. Among these are:
    The formation of a committee that will assess the operation and effectiveness of the specific software to detect fraud type Carousel, aimed at the theft of VAT.
    The procedures for recording the capacity of the fuel tank in order to facilitate the crossings of data in the controls on the movement, which is a prerequisite, it does not require legislation, but a ministerial decision is ready for release.
    The ministerial decision for the επανασύγκλιση of the interministerial committee for the closed professions.
    The adoption of a decision on the application of clawback in hospitals.
    The ministerial decision for the downward revision in the prices of private diagnostic centres in order to align the expenditure to the levels of clawback.
    The function of commission to the hellenic Financial Stability Fund (HFSF), which will assess and approve the appointments of board members and presidents in the banks.
    The acceleration of absorption of eu funds, especially from the structural funds. In this context, the ministries and all the stakeholders are required to fully implement the law 4314/2014 for the european structural and investment funds, to adopt all the authorised actions for the activation of the available funds and to implement all the requirements.

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