In the heart of the Attica Road Traffic Management Centre for direct information… through its renewed site

Attiki Street, road project-situation for the basin and the entire country, evolves year after year following the new data and changing needs of thousands of drivers who choose it on a daily basis for their movements. In this context, it recently upgraded its corporate website, aiming at real time informing users about traffic conditions and any events on the highway. The renewed Attica Road site has 24/7 updates directly from the Traffic Management Centre, along with the X/Twitter account. Another groundbreaking intervention is that in addition to the highway map, the site provides live image from 6 cameras placed in hubs of the Attica Road. A special banner has been added in recent years exclusively for heavy maintenance operations currently under way on the highway, which operates in addition to the relevant regular communications to the media. Finally, it is recalled that on the website users can find the subscription program that suits them while subscribers of the Attica Road can – among other things – connect to their subscription account or download my e-pass application. At the heart of its priorities, the Attiki Street commits itself to continuing to develop initiatives within and outside the boundaries of the highway, keeping pace with a constantly changing digital world.

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