In the Gaza Strip the ramadan began without a ceasefire deal

The ramadan for Muslims begins today, without unfortunately an agreement to cease fire between Hamas and Hamas, while as everything shows there is no prospect of a truce in . Gaza’s population, which is increasingly tested by hunger, is waiting for desperate food. A ship loaded with 200 tonnes of aid, leased by the Spanish NGO Open Arms, was expected to leave Cyprus on Sunday for Gaza, but its departures were not confirmed, while at the same time the bombings from Israel continue. Yesterday residents went to the beach in the southern part of the Gaza Strip in hopes of seeing help arrive. “I have been waiting since morning, as tomorrow begins the sacred month of the ramshake and the situation is tragic,” said one of them, Mohammed Harara. Jordan, the US, France, Belgium and Egypt participated in new air dumps of humanitarian aid yesterday in the Gaza Strip. But the UN, which warns against the “almost inevitable generalized famine” in Gaza, stresses that air landings and transport by sea cannot replace land routes. ‘Very dangerous’ Despite the new talks in early March in Cairo, the countries interceding – Qatar, Egypt, USA – failed to get an agreement to declare a truce before the ramazani began today. Hamas leader Ismail Haniya assured yesterday that his movement remains “open to negotiations”. Source of the French Agency in Hamas said yesterday that there would be “acceleration of diplomatic efforts in the next 10 days” to secure an agreement in the first half of the Ramadan. Hamas calls for any agreement on hostages to be declared a permanent ceasefire and for Israeli troops to withdraw from the Gaza Strip. Israel demands Hamas give him an accurate list of the hostages still in life. The Palestinian Islamist movement opposes ignoring how many or who are “live or dead”. The United States fears that the situation will become “very dangerous”, especially in eastern Jerusalem, especially in mosque square, the third most sacred place of worship for Muslims, if the war continues in the midst of the ravine. In Washington, US President Joe Biden, who is being criticised in the US for his strong support for Israel, especially as the number of casualties among civilians in the Gaza Strip is increasing, wanted to show solidarity as the ramazani begins. “This year, it comes to a moment of enormous anguish,” the American president said. “As Muslims gather around the world over the next few days and weeks to stop their fasting, Palestinian suffering will be the first thought of many. Mine too,” added Joe Biden. As guardian of the two most sacred places of Islam, King Salman of Saudi Arabia stressed for his part that the war in the Gaza Strip marred the sacred month of prayer and fasting for Muslims and called on the “international community” to take initiative. “We call on the international community to assume its responsibilities, to put an end to these heinous crimes and to guarantee the creation of humanitarian corridors and relief corridors,” he added to his message on the occasion of the launch of the ravine. The war broke out after the unprecedented attack that day by Hamas military arm in southern Israel on Gaza, where the Islamic Resistance Movement assumed power in 2007. In the attack 1,160 people were killed, most of them civilians, according to a French Agency count based on official Israeli data. Intensive bombings In retaliation Israel vowed to “exterminate” Hamas, which it characterizes, like the US and the EU, a “terrorist” organisation. In operations conducted since then by the Israeli army at least 31,045 people have been killed in the Gaza Strip, in the vast majority of women and children, according to the Hamas Health Ministry. Yesterday Sunday, Hamas authorities counted 85 dead in 24 hours, over 60 bombings in central and southern Gaza, especially Han Eunice. The war has caused a major humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli army has imposed a full siege since 9 October, and the UN is afraid of a “general famine”. “I feed my little girl with water (…) just so she doesn’t die. I have no choice,” Barack Abhar said, with her baby crying in her arms. Humanitarian aid, which is subject to Israel’s control and approval, arrives only with the drop in Gaza, mainly through Egypt, when the needs are enormous. Biden: Netanyahu does “more evil than good in Israel” Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu defended yesterday the continuation of Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip, despite increasingly direct criticism by the US, its main ally. Joe Biden judged yesterday Saturday that the prime minister is doing “more harm than good in Israel”. “He has the right to defend Israel, right to continue attacking Hamas. But he must (…) pay greater attention to the lives of the innocent,” Joe Biden told MSNBC. President Biden “is wrong”, Benjamin Netanyahu opposed yesterday in an interview with Politico magazine. He assured that he is pursuing a policy “supported by the vast majority of Israelis” and that his fellow countrymen also firmly reject the establishment of a Palestinian state.

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