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(Title) After 13 years of waiting around while the work of construction of the new auction is about to begin, the 15 wholesale trader active object to the temporary relocation, putting a brake on the initiation work.
The air is once again the work of the auction, and yet it has agreed to relocate the site 15 wholesale trader from the operating room now blossom in the project site.

Yesterday a meeting was held in the District, where they again discussed the issue and initially proposed relocation site of the rail ferry. In addition to the construction of race has begun, as the General Secretary of the Ministry of Rural Development has put period to the end of the month to have closed this issue and clarified as the vice-prefect works Elias Xirakias “can not miss this opportunity . If we do not anticipate the time the project will apentachthei and lose ».
But yesterday NAM meeting in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food, the chairman of the OLV C. Sourla, representatives of the wholesale trader, and vice-prefect Dimitris Mergiali and Elias Xirakia extensively discussed the issue and as Mr Xirakias indeed the issue is quite complex.
«We have to combine the operation of the auction and operation of the site to adjacent areas, but not a disturbs another, “noted Mr. Xirakias which is also the only challenge to start the project.

In particular, as found in the meeting, the site should be fenced to be safe with and their equipment manufacturers and wholesale trader is adjacent to and run as far, just in more limited space. This course will be a temporary operation for some time required to construct a new wharf.
On their part, wholesale trader argue that there is sufficient space to do their job properly, but both the NAM, And as OLV consider that this is inevitable.
But at the end of the meeting the President of OLV Sourlas Pierre, vice-prefect Dimitris Mergialis and representatives of wholesale trader visited the point has been proposed for relocation, wherever found that the site does not have the infrastructure required permits several services, archeology, the General Secretariat of Ports and possibly the Town Planning in Volos, to make the few projects that are necessary to operate the temporary auction so will be a new meeting next Monday at the offices of the Port of Volos.
finally be noted that according to information Mr. Xirakia representatives of the Department accepted all of the wholesale trader comments concerning the allocation of space the new building to be more functional.

Author: Alice Fotiadou

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