In September in the House of Parliament the new insurance Law

Law presented by the leadership of the Ministry of Labour at the end of June are based on the logic of the “individual piggy bank”

Next September, the new insurance law is scheduled to be tabled and voted on in the House, according to an update from the members of the Conference of the House.

The main sections of the “Insurance reform for the new generation” law presented by the leadership of the Ministry of Labour at the end of June are based on the logic of the “individual piggy bank” which gives greater control to the new insured over the final amount of his pension and links him to it.

Logic creates a culture of savings and leads to higher pensions for young people through the professional management of the funds to be invested. And it has a clear growth sign, since through the accumulation of funds to be invested in the Greek economy will boost growth and employment.

According to initial planning, the bill would be passed by the end of July.

Government forced into disorderly retreat, says SYRIZA

SYRIZA’s Labour Leader Marilisa Xenogiannakopoulou commenting on the change in programming speaks of a “social outcry” that “forces the government to retreat from insurance reform”.

“The Mitsotakis government was forced into a disorderly retreat. As announced today at the Conference of Presidents in the House, it will not bring and refer to the calends the draft law on the capitalisation of supplementary insurance, although it has put it to public consultation with solemn announcements by the relevant ministers. It obviously backs down under the great social reactions and the emergence by SYRIZA Progressive Alliance of the huge social and economic costs of the government’s attempted privatisation of supplementary insurance,” he says.

“The Mitsotakis government is clearly isolated and receives the rejection by the workers and the social majority of the anti-labour law Hatzidakis and its overall policy. Our fight continues with our commitments and programming positions, on the side of workers, pensioners, the insured, the social majority and young people, against the reactionary and anti-social policy of the government aimed at political and social change and the progressive perspective of our country”, concluded

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