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In Paris the mission of the municipality of Thessaloniki for the tourist promotion of the city

The mission of the municipality of Thessaloniki, headed by the deputy Mayor for Tourism and International Relations Spyros Pengas, will visit Paris from 5 to 7 April, the second station in 2016, in the context of the Diplomacy of Cities, which shall exercise the administration of the Municipality for the promotion of Thessaloniki as a tourism destination in targeted european markets.
On Wednesday, 6 April, the Greek delegation organized a workshop in hotel French capital, which includes presentation of Thessaloniki and B2B (business to business) meetings of representatives of the tourism and business sector with corresponding French professionals.
The workshop is expected to enable important sectors of the economy of the city to present their services to the French public, making Thessaloniki pole of attraction for entrepreneurs, tourism operators, students, conferences, exhibitions, trade and culinary events.
H invitation of the French tourist business for organization of B2B meetings, is part of the strategic planning of the Diplomacy of Cities, which aims at the strengthening and development of Thessaloniki as a destination.
The mission will accompany representatives of bodies, entrepreneurs, journalists of the city as well as executives of the municipality of Thessaloniki.
“The Diplomacy of Cities is a pilot initiative and a strategic tool of tourism development, launched by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and is adopted by other municipalities of the country”, he stresses, Spiros Pengas, who explains that soon the move is expected to be awarded in the framework of event that will be held in Athens, greece, as an innovative policy.

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