‘ In Knifes” New Left and Syriza for the proposal of mistrust against government

The first official opposition had yesterday on the occasion of the intention of the officials of the new party body to submit a motion of censure against the government on the Education Bill. Syriza was not drafted with the proposal of the New Left, but instead filed a request for unconstitutionality of the bill on private universities bringing problems to PASOK… Main opposition officials said that the choice of the New Left’s motion of mistrust was at least unfortunate, as at a time when the government appears particularly cornered such a move would give it life’s breath. As they said a few days ago the government actually lost the stated one, as 50 of its deputies did not vote in favour of the marriage equality bill. In addition, the Maximos Palace appears faced with the consequences of the story of the bass at the point where the tragic Tembes accident occurred, while at the same time there is the story of Anna Michel Asimakopoulou with the leak of personal data, which involves the interior ministry and Niki Kerameos. “With this move we would simply rally the ND parliamentary group and give the Prime Minister the opportunity to disengage himself from the serious issues on which his government is accountable” they said prominent officials of the main opposition. Syriza’s spokesperson, Voula Kehaya, pointed out that: “At this time even opposition forces to unite, the government will get a vote of confidence. Three months before the European elections do you think that for such a major issue we would be doing Mr Mitsotakis’ government a vote of confidence from its Members, which he almost lost by voting for same-sex couples and equality at marriage? I think the proposals for a motion of censure and disbelief are good, but when they are made in a realistic time and they also work.” With regard to the bill on the establishment of private universities, discussed in Parliament’s plenary, Voula Kehaya pointed out that “SYRIZA – MS filed an application for unconstitutionality, because there is a blatant violation of Article 16. Besides, the ideological political distances and differences that the main opposition has, she considers that the Constitution is being violated primarily and here a great battle must be fought.” In a statement, however, the New Left said: “The opposition parties either in ridiculous excuses or in silence denied the obvious: The front to defend the Constitution and the Public University. The conclusion is simple. The consensus opposition does not threaten the sovereignty of Mr Mitsotakis’ right. It is this opposition that society rejects and disappoints citizens.” However, it was an impression yesterday in Parliament that while the members of Harilaou Trikoupi insist on the unconstitutionality of Article 16, no objection of unconstitution was finally tabled by PASOK. Moreover, Nikos Androulakis did not attend the Parliament to vote, while the anti-constitutional objection only voted eight MPs.

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