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In Italy the “key” of the Mediterranean Corridor

According to the German Interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere, the key to resolving the conflict between Austria and Italy…
with regard to the alpine pass Brenner, is located in Rome and not to Vienna. Brenner, as Idomeni.
“What is happening in the Brenner are first and foremost in the hands of Italy,” said German Interior minister Thomas de Maizière at the joint press conference with his austrian counterpart Wolfgang Sobotka on Friday in Potsdam, Germany.
According to the German minister, expressed concerns that it may increase the number of refugees arriving in Europe from Libya via Italy.
On the same wavelength and the austrian Interior minister Sobotka, who has made it clear that it is the obligation of Italy to prevent massive waves of refugees on the border.
In the austrian political, about 200,000 up to a million people in Libya are waiting for the right opportunity to travel to Europe. According to him, 70% of these about are economic migrants.
For this reason, as he said, made preparations for the erection of a fence along the pass Brenner and the construction of a centre for the reception and registration of refugees. The fence will be built, but only in the event that this is deemed necessary, as explained.
The Balkan Corridor “is finished”
“We need a comprehensive european solution,” said Sobotka, adding that as long as this does not exist, preventive measures must be taken at the national level. Thomas de Maiziere added that a european solution will require “a few more days”. The German minister stressed at the same time that the agreement with Turkey, the Balkan Corridor “is finished”.
And the two ministers were in favour of an agreement with the countries of the Maghreb, the standards of the agreement EU-Turkey.
Previously, the austrian minister of Foreign affairs Ζεμπάστιαν Courts had already pleaded preparations for potential border controls on the border with Italy. “No one in Austria does not wish the closure of the Brenner,” said the politician of the People’s Party Thursday night in Berlin. “However, if daily promoted refugees and migrants from one country to another, we have no other option than the introduction of border controls, as they already have a number of countries, such as Germany”.
Ange. Alfano: Unacceptable the austrian plans
The Ζεμπάστιαν Courts argued, however, favour a solution with Italy and the EU. “If Italy were to care for these people and sends them automatically to the north, then we will be able to reduce the number of those who start (for Europe)”.
Meeting with the austrian counterpart was the Monday the Italian minister of the Interior Αντζελίνο Alfano, who had declared inadmissible the austrian plans for the erection of a fence length of 400 meters in the austro-Italian border. According to him, the intentions of Austria are even more surprising if you consider that the number of refugees arriving in Austria through Italy is the lowest of the last few years.
Kurtz, however, stressed that after the Balkan Route you will need to ensure and the south mediterranean corridor. “If it becomes clear that the road to central Europe is no longer open, then fewer and fewer people will want to come to central Europe,” he said.

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