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In court today, the parents of little Maria-Peace

In Committing a Single criminal court to stand trial today…
her parents τετράχρονης Mary-Peace Brindisi, which after 20 hours was found safe Sunday of Easter in the skaramangas shipyard.
Mystery lingering around the disappearance of the small, while yesterday her parents were driven to the district attorney, who prosecuted for child endangerment in accessory after the fact to a misdemeanor. The mother of τετράχρονης filed a request through his lawyer to be allowed to see the child at the Children’s hospital “Agia Sofia”, where it remains patient for precautionary reasons, but was not accepted.
As stated by a Police officer in the Athenian Agency of the case does not seem to be associated with “external factor” and a kidnapping.
Police officers and the psychologist of the EL.NES. who discussed together with the little girl, Mary didn’t mention anything about a third person, a car or anything else that leaves a suspected kidnapping.
From the examination of the coroner it was found that the little girl does not bear signs of abuse or other health problems, apart from the obvious consequences of discomfort and scratches from her adventure. The scratches are attributed to the grasses and the branches of the area, the police estimate that the four-year-old slept in a cornfield.
Maria-Peace be disappeared after the lunch of Easter from the junkyard for old cars her grandfather’s, which is open to the countryside. Her relatives found ultimately her absence and alerted the Police, and the Smile of the Child, so it triggered a Amber Alert.

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