“In an EC. The recorded UNEMPLOYED IN THE AUTUMN Employment Agency “

“Gen. Chester A. Arthur” Portrait Collar Box, ca. 1880 Politics
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(Title) In will fly one million unemployed in our country after the fall said Monday in SKAI a research associate of INE / GSEE – ADEDY George Romanos.
«Immediately after the fall will stop working as seasonal workers in the tourism industry and the unemployment rate will shoot up to 1 million ‘note.
As noted and the increase in objective real estate values will erode further activity in the building which means that unemployment will rise further.
For supplementary pensions Mr. Roman estimated that 9 out of 10 supplementary funds will present a problem as it shows the actuarial study will be ready by March 2011.
“90% of people who are in alternative funds affected. We will have reductions in supplementary pensions, including current retirees will face problems “noted.
This alternative for 45 funds including the TEADY and ETEAM.

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William H. Taft Speaks to the American Public through the Victor Politics
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McKinley Ceramic Portrait Plate, ca. 1901 Politics
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