In alarm the whole of Europe. Waiting for a terrorist attack until the new Year?

Europe seems to celebrates…
in a climate of terror, six weeks after the massacre in Paris, which killed 130 people.
The police authorities of Vienna have announced yesterday that an intelligence service warned a number of european capitals that there is a possibility of attack with gunfire or bombs in Europe before the new Year.
“Were mentioned a lot of names of potential perpetrators, which were checked and the research was based (in these tests) so far has not produced concrete results”, it is noted in the communication that was issued.
“Before Christmas was sent a warning from a friendly intelligence service in several european capitals said it could be noted an attack with explosives or with shots in the period between Christmas and new year’s Eve in busy places,” says the announcement.
The police did not specify what service and what country sent this notice but asked the Austrian “understanding” for the intensification of controls.
On the additional measures implemented included the strengthening of the left in busy places, “especially in events and traffic nodes”, and the identity checks and objects, such as sacks, in which it would be possible to transport explosive materials.