In a round of protesters the House – Serious incidents earlier with 8 injured

In front of it remain the blocks of student clubs participating in the nationwide pan-educational rally. With a central slogan “The majority spoke. Not in private universities. Degrees of value. Free studies” protesters and protesters gathered initially in Propylaia expressing their disagreement and opposition to the Ministry of Education’s bill establishing them . In student clubs’ requests are among other things, as the withdrawal of the bill establishing private universities, exclusively public and truly free studies, an increase in state funding for universities for teachers, staff, infrastructure, degrees with value and free student care for all (student homes, feeding, transportation). In the rally in Parliament, against non-state universities, teachers, students and students’ associations, trade unions and federations are also involved. Just before 14:00 noon protesters and protesters began a march from Propylaia to Parliament. Later, shortly after 14:30, tension occurred at the confluence of Stadium and Edward Lau roads when a group of individuals attacked with molotov bombs against a platoon of riot police officers, who responded using chemicals. Just before 16:00, when, according to the police, a group of people attacked with molotov bombs on police forces that with police moving on to chemical use. The tension was then moved to the lower side of Syntagma Square where a group of Dias was attacked with stones from strangers on Ermou Street, while hooded put fires in trash bins at the confluence of the Metropolitan and Philellenic streets, while causing material damage to shops. During the episodes 8 students were injured who were subsequently picked up by EKAB and transferred to hospital “C. You are born.” There they ran a radiological check as they had head and hand injuries. According to the first report their health situation does not inspire concern.

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