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Improving everyday life in Pi.C.N.L.

The Union of Workers of the University Hospital of Larissa… in the context of improvement of the everyday life of the colleagues, but also of performing citizens met Monday, 28-03-2016 with the President.T.E.A.L. Larissa, mr Sakellariou, Michael.
At the meeting the Chairman, mr Larissis Constantine and the Secretary-General, mr Nakos Christos raised account of issues with a view to improving the services offered. Discussed proposals, which were set during the conduct of the study urban mobility of the Municipality of Larissa and the new, as, they arise from our daily lives in the Hospital. The meeting emphasized the role of the competent Αντιδημαρχίας, with which the Union will meet within days.
“Our Association with the proposals, the planning and the organized interventions of the scopes out, that you will immediately take place improvements from the K.T.E.A.L. Larissa and the Municipality with the ultimate aim of more and better service to our colleagues and users of health services in Such.C.N.L.”.

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