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    (Title) serious economic problems facing the Centre for Science and Technology Museum “INTELLECT” which, unless resolved, will result in the outgoing Chairman of the Board the institution to suspend the operation in late June.

    The Science Center and Technology Museum (KDEMT), based in Thessaloniki, founded in 2001, is a cultural and educational institution, non-profit . The “Noisis’ is a unique institution, not only our country but also throughout Southeast Europe. With numerous successful operations, which are attended by at least a 1 million visitors, mainly students, it helps to familiarize youth with the world of science and technology, and innovation through educational programs, participatory exhibits, permanent technological kit, periodic reports, seminars and lectures, and screenings of specific themes in highly technical facilities in Europe. We also have a simulator and planetarium, offers a unique opportunity for visitors to familiarize themselves with modern scientific advances.

    Today, “INTELLECT” to ensure the ongoing operation and not expand, has an annual budget of 2.000.000 €, 60% are covered by own revenues. For this year has not yet received the annual grant of 200.000 € by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, and the amount of 500.000 € from Ministry of Economy and Finance. Note that the agreement to finance the KDEMT “Noisis” from EFTA Financial Mechanism provides that the Greek Government undertakes to finance the Foundation for 10 years from the commencement of operations. In his letter, outgoing Board on June 11 to the Finance Minister, Education and Finance, stressed the economic impasse of the Foundation, without ever giving an answer. Currently, the funds available and budgeted revenue sufficient only to cover the necessary expenses altogether by the end of June. Already the Board of KDEMT did not go to meet the needs arising from the termination of contracts of part-time, thus reducing this number of workers from 36 to 25, while the organizational structure of the Foundation provided 60 staff positions. Finally, identify problems and management of the Foundation, the GSRT, which is the responsibility of Ministry of Development came under the jurisdiction of the Education Ministry, has not proceeded to appoint a new board, while the term of the previous has already expired on May. This delay creates daily obstacles to the smooth functioning of the ‘Noisis ».

    Because education, science and technology are key areas and substantial investment in the future.
    Because the economic potential Foundation depleted dramatically posing a direct threat to continued operation.
    As the Sustainable Development Foundation to ensure the continuous upgrading, renewal and strengthening of activities in line with developments in research and technology to a pole attraction for the public.

    asked Mr Ministers:
    1. When they appoint a new Board of KDEMT “Noisis»;
    2. It will make the necessary steps to ensure the regular grant to update, renew and expand its business;

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    NO VAT 2007 Politics
    Image by NO VAT – Facciamo Breccia

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