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IMF lambasts inconclusive euro talks

Greece – Santorini – Kavalari Hotel
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IMF lambasts inconclusive euro talks
The head of the IMF criticised the EU’s piecemeal approach to rescuing the euro currency from contagion as ministerial talks in Brussels yesterday (7 December) gave no succour to countries with worsening sovereign debt problems.
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Bronze Age Greek Vases
Greece enjoy
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The friendship between greeks and serbs.the following is literal translation…some things will be lost in translation but you get the main idea…. my friends are like pearls, spread around the world im a bird of passage, i sometimes meet them when i fly is this faith, who knows what it is whenever we meet though we drink & it always ends up with one of our songs my friends are fierce men with big hearts when drinkin, when kissing, when shooting from alaska to australia whenever we meet we drink & it always ends up with one of our songs let us live and b healthy 4 another 100 years let there be music and wine and let god protect us let the best girls be next to us because this life is short and it will pass quickly for my friends i pray for winds to bring riches safe roads, nights full of stars, and fresh mornings is it faith or who knows what it is when ever we meet we drink and it always ends up with one of our songs (and the rest repeats itself and im sorry this is a rough translation and some things you cant really say in english that you can in serbian, im sure its the same in greek =] enjoy)

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