Illegal anabolics: Recovered circuit with tentacles and abroad – Customers and active athletes

In the arrest of five people who participated in an international trafficking in illegal drugs and raw cannabis, both in Greece and abroad, the Police proceeded. The arrests of the members of the circuit took place on Thursday morning (21.03.2024) and are accused of forming and joining a criminal organization, violating sports legislation, harmful drugs, forgery, money laundering, weapons, drugs and personal data violation. Among the customers according to the police include five active and former football, ball and physique athletes, gym owners – sports venues and a store owner selling food supplements. It is worth mentioning that, in two of the aforementioned athletes as well as one member of the organization, exclusion penalties had been imposed by the National Anti-Doping Agency. ELAS, after months of research in collaboration with Europol, the National Medicines Agency and the National Anti-Doping Agency, destroyed the circuit. As the members of the organisation emerged, at least as of April 2018 were supplied from abroad and traded preparations containing illegal and banned anabolic substances. At the same time, other preparations were available for sale to deal with side effects (treatment of erectile dysfunction etc.), and the money they earned was made abroad. For authorities not to catch them, they used certain methods. In the places where the illegal preparations were stored had installed television-camera systems. They also used a gymnasium and a store to sell food supplements, owned by members of the organization. They were still using counterfeit packaging with evidence of legitimate pharmaceutical companies, as well as fake films of authenticity of the E.O.F., while for the shipment of packages they reported false sender and address data. The operation took place after coordinated actions by ELAS on Thursday morning (21.03.2024) where five members of the circuit were arrested. The presence of a prosecutor was investigated in houses, businesses, and vehicles in Giannitsa, Veria, Halkidiki, Larissa and Argos. From the investigations found and seized: more than -22,000 tablets – ampoules containing anabolic and other illegal drugs, 21 packages with banned preparations, 773.6 grams of raw cannabis, a number of drug tablets, 2 pistols, revolver, snap-light pistol, flobert rifle, 131 cartridges, 2 cameras, 6,740 euros, 6 mobiles and a multitude of handwritten notes. The persons arrested, with the file filed against them, were taken to the competent prosecutor.

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