Iliana Papageorgiou: I would never play in the theater because I’m ashamed.

In the performance “Worthlessness” was found . There was the camera of “Good morning”, to which the famous model spoke. At Sygrou Theatre 33 goes up the performance “Egyptia”, attended by Iliana Papageorgiou and made statements in “MEGA Morning”. Iliana Papageorgiou revealed on the camera of the show that she makes easy friendships from the venue, but that she would never play in the theatre because she is ashamed. For her next TV plans, the well-known model said: “My name sounds for GNTM. I don’t know anything. You never know if TV you’ll see me somewhere else.” “Many and various sounds are heard about whether the Shopping Star will continue next year. Each project wants its time and especially when it changes its main “player”. I didn’t expect any justification, the project has shown very fast good signs. I have no proposals from another television channel because I do Shopping Star,” he added. With regard to ratings, he was content to say that he received them by e-mail. “Competition doesn’t scare me, I like it, because it makes me feel like doing new things. The live show made me very difficult. I remember it as a nice memory.” “My people don’t criticize me, they offer me love. If I came back with a live show, I’d like Dimitris Hungariano next to me. Dimitris has been delayed doing something of his own, but this is from his own philosophy,” he said and added that he admires Helen Menegaki and Roula Koromila. “The performance ‘Egypt’ concerns an unfulfilled love between two boys and the situations that can be created in a family,” Antonis Kalogridis said.