Ilia: At the 80-year-old hospital after a brutal robbery at his home

Or it was solved while the unfortunate old man remains in a hospital. The shooter hit him and left with the money in the house… The robbery keeps Floca’s area in Elia upset, with the victim remaining since the early of the week in a hospital. The perpetrator respected neither age nor the fact that he was alone and unable to react. Grandpa did not resist but was still beaten to reveal the point where he had his savings. The shooter who was identified left the apartment with 450 euros. It was solved, following an investigation by the officers of the Tower Security Subdirector, a robbery case committed on Monday morning, March 11, in Floca, against an elderly man. For this case, a criminal case was formed for robbery, against a Greek, whose full evidence has been identified. In particular, the 44-year-old defendant entered an 80-year-old man’s house from an uninsured door and by physical violence he removed 450 euros. The injured man was taken to the Tower General Hospital, where he remains hospitalized. In order to investigate the incident, methodical investigations were conducted by the officers of the Department of Security Tower, who, using the evidence collected during their preliminary work, identified the defendant’s full evidence. The case-file formed against the defendant will be submitted to the District Attorney of Primary

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