Igoumenitsa: Police officers carried 100 kg of drugs – Arrests after a car accident

Arrests in after chase and car accident. They handcuffed two of their colleagues, who carried drugs… Two police officers were arrested in Igoumenitsa for transporting a quantity of drugs exceeding 100 kg and even with a security service vehicle. The case was revealed when the vehicle crashed into parked vehicles downtown in Igoumenitsa, at dawn. A 19-year-old Albanian allegedly involved in drug trafficking was also arrested. According to newssit.gr, the two chief guards, aged 50 and 41, had an appointment with the 19-year-old Albanian. When they met him they told him to get into the security service vehicle and they started, with police officers pursuing them. Police service vehicle developed speed and at one point drifted at least four parked vehicles. After checking in the vehicle concerned, 19 packages of unprocessed cannabis were found with a total weight of 102 kg and 670 grams. It is worth noting that the two police officers carrying the drugs were on duty. The information on their action has been evaluated over the past few years and their movements, from time to time, have been under constant monitoring.