Ian Stratis for Mary Synatsakis: “He can do anything for anyone he really loves”

About the intense feelings he experiences as a father and his partner, he spoke in an interview with OK! magazine. Ian Stratis, in addition to the woman of his life, Mary Kendakis, did not fail to talk about Penelope Anastasopoulou, on the occasion of their participation in J2US. “What fascinated me in Mary (Synatsaki) is her love. What I admire indefinitely about Mary is that there is no end to the love she can give to a man. He can do anything for anyone he really loves,” Ian Stratis states in response to a relevant question. Referring to their daughter, Olivia, he said features: “There are no words to describe this relationship or at least I haven’t found them yet. When Olivia came into my life, I experienced the most intense feelings I have ever felt to the ultimate degree.” “I think that another common element with Penelope (Anstasopoulou) is that I too wanted to have a child from a very young age. I went on vacation with my partners, I let them have sunbathing and I found some kid, I knew it and we played for hours,” Ian Stratis concluded.