“I was one step before I fall in anorexia nervosa”

A guest on the show “T@tiana Live” was a guest the Freedom of Eleftherios… noon of Friday, 18 December. The singer, among other things, spoke to ryan seacrest about eating disorders encountered in the past and the other who was almost having a nervous anorexia.
“I was one step before I fall in anorexia nervosa. I was 43 pounds. Now I weigh 57 pounds. I wanted to be impossible due to work and a time that I didn’t have time to work out, I said, “will not eat”. There I had it pretty bad. I was pretty weak and didn’t have to torment myself. I was very strict with myself. I fought my body. The secret is to love who you are and what you have. We can’t all be the same thing,” she confessed.