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“I was invited to interview for a position in the ΑΕΜΥ – Hospital Thera 1 day earlier. But I live in…”

Dear tromaktiko,
unfortunately, situations and practices in Greece are not going to change ever…
In my application to take part in the competition for jobs in the hospital of Santorini which is going to work soon, Etc.E.M.Y. (D.E.K.The) invited me to an interview (which I am a resident Evros), one day ahead of the date of this.
Of course, such situations indicate other practices, and other procedures (cf. ΑΓΡΩΓΗ, Scientific staff at the Ministry of National Defense, etc…).

You see injustice around you? He was SCARED of them… Send the complaint and the pictures of you on the tromaktiko! Is there a way to be heard…

Wherever you are, whatever the time and if it is, and you see something wrong, odd, an accident or an emergency, open the camera of your mobile phone, get information about the event and send us material (photos or video) στο or through viber, 6946 414328. Become a ΤΡΟΜΑΚΤΙΚΟΣ reader…

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