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“I didn’t expect such a conclusion for my child – I Believed in my heart that he lived” – by the father of the 37χρονης Ανθής [photo+video]

Shock caused by the news that the 37χρονη Anthi Λινάρδου, which have been missing since last Saturday, was eventually found dead, murdered, in a field in Velvento, Kozani, in which investigations were carried out in the presence of her husband and father-in-law.
According to sources from the police, the husband of 37χρονης he confessed that he was the perpetrator of the heinous crime. The officers reportedly said, confessed that he and the 37χρονη they had an argument and she threatened him that he would take their children and leave to stay permanently in Piraeus, from where he comes from.
He, always in accordance with what is alleged to have confessed to the cops, he was handcuffed, he reached his breaking point. He murdered his wife and, according to the latest, dramatic developments, has indicated to the cops that the dead body of 37χρονης is located in a field owned by the.
Anthi, which was the mother of an eight-year-old boy and two εξάχρονων of twin girls, had not given any sign of life from last Saturday.
The unlucky Anthi in rural work in the field

“I didn’t expect such a conclusion for my child”
The father of 37χρονης said shocked by the tragic developments in the case of the disappearance of his daughter and admitted he didn’t expect this ending.
“I did not expect such a fate for my child. I believed in my heart that he was alive. I had a little hope that it would. Go, the I lost my child. My grandchildren were left orphans. So many days they were lying to us” he said with a trembling voice Thanasis Λινάρδος, father of the unfortunate Ανθής.
Her father was the first time in Kozani, to help the police in search of his daughter. All these days lived in a hotel, away from the family environment of the groom.
The unlucky daughter had met her husband many years ago, when he was still a student in the area of Kozani.

What said the father-in-law of Ανθής
On the contrary, Manolis Τσιουχάρας, father-in-law of Ανθής, before he confessed the son of the crime, had said that he didn’t believe that something bad has happened.
“It doesn’t give life signs. I believe that there is something bad happens. I have the impression that she left with someone. It was συνεννοημένο thing. Left with a broken leg. She couldn’t leave alone. He took nothing with her, neither left a note. She didn’t like the life here, and I believe that he’s gone,” he said characteristics.
“I’m helping the police, and I’m shocked. The investigations remain fruitless. Went out for a walk and never came back. She didn’t like the people here and had friends. Together we had the best of relationships. I’m worried about. I haven’t slept at all these days. Looking for the police and the whole village. Anyone who has seen her please contact the authorities and help” add…

What was the husband’s before he was found dead the woman
Her husband had told her that the behaviour of the Ανθής before leaving the house I don’t predispose for what would follow, however, saying that, in his mind, spent a lot of thoughts about who could have been his wife. “Certainly my mind goes somewhere but I can’t say. If I don’t have any serious indication, I can’t say anything for sure. And somewhere bad, but don’t rule out anything,” said mr Tassos who was thanking the villagers for the interest showed in the research for the Athi.

“With a hour of sleep I’m from Sunday. I can’t sleep, I’m trying to remember something,” said the husband of the missing woman. At his side was the parents and the sister of Ανθής, who traveled from the port of Piraeus, from where came the 37χρονη, which was the mother of an 8-year-old boy and two 6χρονων-twin girls.

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