HUNGER STRIKE prisoners in Rethymno, THE COMPLAINT OPOIOS beating and torture by THE POLICE AUTHORITIES

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(Title) an Algerian, Rashid, is for 19 days in detention in Rethymnon.
Since there is no paper to be deported. The point is that found in the 1st 19 days detention and said they can be kept there even six months until they moved to Athens Transit and then be deported to Algeria. 2nd detention conditions, but also of the other prisoners are appalling. 3rd Rashid denounces beaten and tortured by the cops during the transfer to AT Rethymno.

For these reasons Rashid for four days in a hunger strike.
‘s Mate today and it is on a hunger strike in sympathy with the comrade and the struggle places.

Anyone know the exact legal framework for these issues, whether we paremevei,
or we write here about what can be done to avoid further detention and deportation of . Let’s not let it pass so ..
No hostage in state hands!

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