Hungary: President Tamas Suljuk Signs Protocol on Sweden’s Entry into NATO · Global Voices

The President of Tamas Suluk signed the Protocol on Sweden’s accession to . Hungary’s parliament approved Sweden’s NATO membership on 26 February, as it was the last member of the alliance to stand in the way. Stockholm abandoned the policy of neutrality after Russia invaded Ukraine, in 2022. With Hungary’s approval of accession, the process was completed. Swedish Prime Minister Ulf’s visit had preceded Kristerson in Budapest, during which the two countries signed a defence agreement. The president of parliament signed ratification of the protocol last week and promoted it for approval in the office of the country’s president. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban was under pressure from his NATO allies to seal Sweden’s accession soon. In a first reaction, Swedish Defence Minister Pal Jonson described the adoption of the protocol as a “very positive development” by the president of Hungary.