Hungary can not be delayed PERIKOPES THE EXPENDITURE, says Olli Rehn

    (Title) The European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Commissioner, Olli Rehn, said that Hungary can not afford to delay efforts to reduce the public deficit, emptying, so the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who wants to relax for stimulating growth.
    “In a time when other countries-EU members are on the path of fiscal consolidation, Hungary can not deviate from this path” Rehn said in an interview in the weekly newspaper of Budapest Vasarnapi Hirek.
    “Rather than increasing the budget deficit, Hungary must pursue steady consolidation fiscal policy which is a prerequisite for sustainable development”.
    remind that the talks between Hungary and the IMF – EU Lending to the first interrupted last month when Orban refused to commit in order to reduce the deficit below 3% of GDP had agreed the previous Hungarian government.
    While the pressure from IMF-EU to Hungarian government has started to grow as they approach the municipal elections, the country’s currency (forint) has lost 6.9% of the value of savings was elected Prime Minister Orban on 25 / 4.
    The deficit of the country, however, had fallen 4% of GDP from 9.3% in 2006.

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