Human Rights: Part 3 of Election 08 and the Challenge of China

The US-China relationship is complicated and is vital for both countries and the world. Where do Senators McCain and Obama stand on US-China trade, security, environmental, and human rights issues? How important has policy toward China been in past elections and in 2008? These are the questions explored in a USC US-China Institute documentary. Chinese today enjoy great freedom in their everyday lives, but Americans of all political leanings express concern about Chinas human rights record. The Chinese governments suppression of demonstrations and riots in and near Tibet in March again focused attention on the issue, as did restrictions on demonstrations during the Olympic Games. Like his predecessors, President George W. Bush has met with Chinese political, religious, and labor rights activists and has called on Chinese authorities to do more to secure basic liberties. These criticisms and those of Bushs predecessors have had limited impact.