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How will you have a happy long-term relationship with her

Paul is with Alexandra for five years and your time has announced that it will go up…
the steps of this church, with you best man. Nick is more happy and calm than ever with Stella at his side, for almost seven years. And among them are you, that while you want to find the one with which we “get stuck” and having a good time, you can’t cross in a relationship for more than six months. Come on, let’s be honest over time. Because, quite simply, somewhere in between eating routine and habit.
And you wonder well, what you don’t do well you, you make the others? Relax and leave the science to give you the lights, in terms of, what are the secrets to “build” a happy, long-term relationship.
The “drinkin’ some wine” together
According to a study published in the journal The Journals of Gerontology, couples who tend to drink with their drinks are less likely to fight and bigger to stay together for many, many years, in contrast to those mostly have fun separately. And attention, the scientists who conducted the research, which involved 2.767 married couples, state that you don’t need to be an alcoholic to achieve the relationship you dream of. Even one drink a year is enough to bring you close. It’s about quality, not quantity, and frequency.
To do even a little sex
Sex isn’t everything in a relationship. It can, however, be beneficial, increasing levels of happiness and tranquility, as well as enhancing the good health of your body. Enough, to do it at least once a week. This was the conclusion reached by a survey of the Society for Personality and Social Psycology, which were part of 30,000 Americans over the age of 40 years. “It’s a way to get away from everyday life and get close to your partner,” note the researchers highlight that “it is not necessary stress on a daily sexual intercourse, as this pressure brings the reverse effects”.
To say often, “thank you”
Maybe in your mind, the two words that it would be good to don’t forget to say your partner is “I love you”, however, the science seems to think otherwise. “A simple “thank you” is enough to enhance the appreciation, respect and love in a pair”, as mentioned features the scholars of the university of Georgia, studied the behaviors of 468 married men and women. Their research showed that spouses who feel that they are valuable, they tended to have more respect for the other half, minimizing the chances of experiencing anger, unhappiness, and by extension, the need to split up.

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