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How will it benefit my lungs, if you quit smoking? How soon will I notice these benefits?

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The use of tobacco is one of the main risk factors for several chronic diseases, including cancer, diseases of the lungs and of the cardiovascular system.
To quit smoking will definitely improve the quality of your life. Stopping requires a strong desire, determination and commitment on your part but the result will justify the effort.

How will it benefit my lungs, if you quit smoking?
Immediate benefits
The levels of toxic substances in your lungs with cigarette smoke will fall to the levels of a non smoker within a few days, which means that:
• Your lungs will be able to hire more oxygen, which will facilitate your breathing.
Benefits after a few weeks
The inflammation in the airways you will be limited, which means that:
• You will cough less.
• You will produce less phlegm.
• You will gradually work out with greater ease.
Long-term benefits
• The long-term damage to your lungs will stop working immediately once you stop smoking. Severely damaged lungs, it is not possible to return to normal, but by quitting before serious damage, you can prevent the worsening of diseases such as COPD. If you continue to abstain from smoking:
• You will reduce the risk of serious problems of shortness of breath and disability or death from COPD.
• Reduce your chance of developing lung cancer. After 15-20 years the risk of lung cancer is reduced by 90% compared with people who continue to smoke.
Stopping smoking is certainly a hard case, whichever way you decide to do. The results, however, will justify! It is also very important to understand that the bad symptoms that you will experience after the cut is only temporary and the experience as a signals the start of a more healthy life.

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