How to Find a Publisher in Greece

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    How to Find a Publisher in Greece

    Writers seek publishers; this is a constant activity that many times has no results. It is true that some markets are in easy reach of most writers, especially in USA. In Europe things are slightly different; not all publishers possess an English language site and writers encounter problems in examining it and contacting the publisher.

    In Greece, for example, most publishers’ sites are in Greek, and only the big publishers have built a multilingual site. In this case, writers can not research the market properly, let alone contact a publisher in Greece. Greece is a new exciting marketplace that all writers should be able to explore and, why not, find a suitable publisher for their work.

    There are Greek publishers that seek foreign writers in order to get their work translated into Greek and then promote it in the Greek book market.

    But how can writers find these publishers?

    How can they contact them if they can not understand what their sites write since they are just in Greek?

    Now, there is a solution to this problem.

    A new site has been launched in Greece to offer writers services that will allow them to connect to the Greek marketplace. The site is run by Bill, an MBA holder from Macedonia University in Greece, and offers writers a free book review service along with promotion on his site for a small fee. Bill is a book reviewer at Midwest Book Review, USA, and co operates with many other reviewers who are willing to review any genre. Writers can post an ad that contains up to 2 images and text of unlimited number of words, such as a book review or other description. Visit to get more details and see samples.

    For book reviews, please email to

    Moreover, Bill can act as an agent between writer and publisher in certain cases. If this happens, Bill will get a flat fee only after the writer has signed a contract with the publisher. This service is the first one in Greece and it was created out of love for books.

    Why self-publish? Contact Bill and his site now and find a publisher in Greece!


    Lia Metal is a writer/reviewer living in Greece. She has written a great number of articles for online and print publications. Visit her at

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    Greece USA
    Image by giuliorasi

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