How the Russian attack occurred at the time of the meeting Mitsotakis with Zelensky – Europe’s angry reaction

His counterparts to the European People’s Party for his visit to – marked by the Russian ballistic missile attack on the Volontimir Zelensky motorcade, just 200 metres from the Greek motorcade – informs Bucharest today. The attack against the Kyriakou Mitsotakis and Volontimir Zelenski motorcade comes at a time when Moscow targets Europe standing next to Ukraine and supports it against Russian aggression. The assessment in Athens is that the Russian president with the attack on President Zelenski, while he was with a prime minister of the European country, shows that he wanted to send a message that the war is determined to escalate to the very end. It is not unnoticed that just 7 days ago, on 29 February, Maria Zaharova had warned (and) Greece that possible transfer of Russian-built weapons and weapons to Ukraine is… “red line”. “Whether it is Greece, or any other country, the answer is clear. As our army says, we are successfully “stumbling” all the equipment supplied by NATO countries. That’s how it’s gonna be then. There must be no illusions. We made our choice in this regard” said the Russian Foreign Ministry Representative, under pressure from the U.S. in Athens to continue strengthening Kiev, but also the relevant suggestions made by the EU to all its member states. Pan-European condemnation “No one is intimidated by this new terrorist attempt, certainly neither the two leaders (Jelensky and Mitsotakis), nor the brave people of Ukraine” said Commission President Ursula von der Leien. “More than ever, we stand by Ukraine’s side” she added in post. “The EU’s full support for Ukraine and its brave people will not be wavered” said European Council President Charles Michel, and followed a barrage of statements condemning the Russian attack by European leaders. Mr. Mitsotakis: “It is different to experience the first-hand experience of war” “We were at the port of Odessa and the postman Zelensky and his staff gave us a tour, explaining on the one hand the importance of the port for Ukraine’s exports and on the other hand showing us the significant damage that this critical infrastructure has suffered when we heard some sirens. And soon after, as we got in our cars, we heard a big explosion… All European leaders must come to Ukraine. Because it is one thing to see, to hear the description from the media or from President Zelenski with whom we communicate regularly and it is completely different to experience the experience of war firsthand” said the Prime Minister, during the joint interview Press with the Ukrainian president, explaining how the heinous attack happened and how he felt. The chronicle of the attack The attack occurred while the Greek expedition entered the van to continue their program. The sound was deafening, while clouds of black rose. The shock wave was intense, and they immediately realized that the rocket fell close. North Zelensky’s motorcade was only 200 meters ahead. It all turned out to be lightning. The mandate, based on the safety protocol for these cases, was to get everyone into the cars so that they could be on the move and not be a fixed target. The shock was great. Everyone rushed to call their own people and assure them that they were fine. The missile attack occurred at 11:30 this morning. In Athens it became known at noon while the official briefing from Maximos Palace took place after 17:00 in the afternoon for security reasons. The press release with the statements of the two leaders and audiovisual material was distributed when the Greek Prime Minister was no longer outside Ukrainian territory (reportedly arrived by road to Moldova) and was preparing to fly to Bucharest, for the ELK conference, and Mr Zelenski had also safely removed from the region. Greece’s message to Ukraine The message that Kyriakos Mitsotakis gave to President Zelenski is that Greece will continue to support Ukraine as well as its European and Euro-Atlantic perspective. At the same time he pledged that our country would help rebuild Ukraine, with emphasis on Odessa, a city that has a particular historical and cultural significance for Greece. “All of Europe supports Ukraine’s struggle for freedom and independence. And of course Greece cannot miss this effort,” Kyriakos Mitsotakis stressed.

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