How the Greek mobile market moves compared to other EU Member States

Comparative assessment of Greek mobiles based on economic indicators and on other EU Member States over the years 2017-2023 (1H), conducted by EETT in collaboration with the Swedish company. The main findings of the EETT’s research on the Greek mobile market between 2017 and 2023 (1H), are as follows: The Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) is around the same level as the median price of the other Member States included in the survey (with price adjustments). For example, Greece’s ARPU (without price adjustment) in the first half of 2023 was EUR 12,2 (lightly below the median price), as opposed to EUR 22.7 in Ireland, which was the country with the highest price. The use of data per mobile subscription in Greece is below the median price of the countries included in the comparison. However, in Greece there was also the biggest increase in data usage, which reached 67% for 2017-2023. With regard to the use of voice per mobile subscriber, Greece records the highest price among the countries included in the comparison, with 262 minutes per month for the first half of 2023 and a clear growth path with a complex annual growth rate (CAGR) above the median value. Total revenues per Gigabyte using mobile data are higher than the median price of other Member States, but show a higher rate of reduction than most countries of comparison, very close to maximum for 2017-2023. The revenues of speech services (per minute) in mobile telephony in Greece are close to the median price and with a reduction of 5% in the reference period. Regarding the value-value for money, Greece ranks lower in terms of data services, but higher than most Member States included in the comparison, in terms of speech services. The analysis showed that Greek mobile subscribers seem to pay a certain monthly amount of money, although they make use of relatively fewer data and more speaking time compared to the other research member states. Since speech is usually not charged per minute, the weight in value-price ratio is shifted to data usage. Overall, with regard to the value-value ratio in mobile telephony, Greece ranks lower, however, by surpassing countries such as Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. In the 2017 data comparison, Greece would be ranked in the last place among the countries of the comparison. Future expectations of improving Greece’s position are particularly high, taking into account the faster pace of its improvement, in relation to other countries in terms of data use and cost per GByte, in recent years. Research is available in

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