How much money is collected every year in Fontana di Trevi and that ends up

One of Rome’s most popular attractions in which more than 21 million tourists gather each year is, no doubt, the (Fontana di Trevi). It is the largest baroque fountain in the city that its construction dates back to the 18th century AD. It is also 25.9 metres tall and 49 metres wide, and was designed by Italian architect Nikola Salvi and completed by Pietro Brachi (1732-1762). The name of the fountain (Trevi or Tre vie), means “three roads” as the intersection of three ancient Roman roads, since the attraction is located in the center of Via De’ Croricchi, Via Poli and Via Delle Muratte streets. In addition, the site of the monument was the terminal for the Aqua Vigo aqueduct in Rome, which supplied – along with dozens of corresponding – water to the city for more than four centuries. As it is widely known, Fontana di Trevi has a unique quality to “enchant” its visitors, making them fall in love with Italy. However, the most well-known tradition concerns coin casting accompanied by wishes. Some argue that this particular custom was adopted after the screening of the 1954 romantic comedy “Three coins in the fountain” directed by Zan Negulisco, where Frank Sinatra performs the self-titled song in the film. Also, a scene from Federico Felini’s film “La Dolce Vita” (1960) has also been filmed at the point, with Anita Eckberg entering the fountain at midnight, inviting Marcelo Mastroyani to follow her. However, it appears that this particular ” ritual” had begun before the two films were shown. So what happens if someone throws a coin inside the fountain? According to legend, with a coin, you will have good luck and are expected to return to the future in the “Eternal City” – as Rome is called – by throwing two coins, you may fall in love with a beautiful Italian woman, while with three coins, there is the possibility of marrying the person you will meet. Those couples who, of course, visit Rome for a romantic journey, then, are enough for the first choice. Also, next to the fountain there are signs that warn tourists that they are forbidden to enter the water, but also to steal coins, as fines are imposed. However, there is a specific method to follow for the casting of coins, which is as follows: According to tradition, visitors stand with their backs facing the monument and throw their right hand coin into the water, on the left shoulder side. Since it is also a popular destination for tourists and can cause congestion, it would be better to choose to see the fountain in the morning hours or late at night, as its lighting is amazing. Furthermore, it is worth noting that near the fountain there are equally impressive sights, such as the “Spanish Steps” which are only eight minutes away on foot, while the famous “Colosseum” is about 20 minutes away. Workers belonging to the Municipal Power and Water Service (ACEA) are tasked with gathering coins from the fountain twice a week, while water drains twice a month to clean up the space. Specifically, the workers of the municipality use brooms to create ‘saves’ with coins on both sides of the fountain. Subsequently, they “draw” the coins via a flexible suction tube under the watchful eye of police authorities, which, then, are transferred to the offices of the international charity Caritas belonging to the Catholic Church. For their part, Caritas workers spread the buckets of coins on a huge table, in order to dry them with “hair guns”, to begin their classification and counting. But how much money is collected every year from the fountain? It is estimated that in 2022 Caritas raised 1.4 million euros from the fountain, while the amount is probably greater in 2023. The coins are therefore intended to support the city’s weaker economic strata, as they share soups (e.g. soups) to the needy, while hospitality and welfare structures for homeless are also funded. In addition, close to the central station of Rome operates Caritas’ “social supermarket”, known as Emporium, which offers food to low-income citizens.