How much does the market cost for a Draculis Ladder Elevator?

They know that buying a ladder lift is for you, an important decision & a serious money investment. In the same way they treat it as a company, with respect for our fellow people with motor problems! Usually customers start searching for a ladder lift wanting to learn the available price options. So many times the first question they take to Draculis is: “ What is the price for buying a ladder lift? “ And it makes perfect sense, since we are talking about such an innovative & technologically advanced machine, made by the largest global company, the . The truth is that, because each ladder is different, as well as persons who use it have different requirements, the cost is never the same. So prices vary by case, but you can see below the factors that determine the final market cost. The price for buying a ladder ride depends on the following: If your ladder is external or internal If your ladder is straight or circular How many turns does your ladder have how far it will need to be the rail How many steps does the staircase consist of which model is suitable for your home? What are your personal needs? If you want to climb more than one floor If you want additional features, e.g. rotation, automatic folding etc. If doors or flats are inserted The kind of wallpaper you will choose (fake, vinyl, dermatin) The color of the rail on which the seat moves The price for the purchase of the ladder rider therefore depends on all the above factors. So no Draculis ladder lift is identical to anyone else! Some of these factors are a matter of your choice, while others depend on the construction of your residence and stairs. So Draculis can only be very specific after the FREE measurement study of your ladder has been prepared. A price for buying a ladder ride, no hidden charges! You may be wondering if at the price there will be additional charges. The good news is, no. The offer they deliver covers everything. And when they say everything, they mean it! How much does running a ladder ride cost? There is more good news: the use of a ladder lift costs less than the operation of a kettle. What is the charge for installing the ladder climber? None! The cost of the facility is included in the offer they will give you. A price. A payment. Riders of Skalas Stannah: exclusively in Greece, by Draculis! Representing Stannah Stairlifts, the largest company of special riders with over 850,000 facilities worldwide, Draculis has a huge range of riders for straight or circular stairs, indoor & outdoors. All products meet the strictest safety standards and are certified with CE, while the company has ISO 9001:2018 for the services provided. In addition, the privately owned fleet of means of transport ensures the immediate nationwide response for support/service, even in the most special facilities. The 7,250 facilities that Draculis has carried out throughout Greece are the biggest guarantee that you will cooperate with the most experienced and most reliable company in the Greek market. The ladder riders are designed to help all users with motor problems or disabled, regardless of age, in order to use the steps easily and effortlessly or in fear. In addition, they prevent falls, offer peace and security, give you your independence back, place you quickly and simply, without building permits, nor heavy work, cause no damage to your home, are flexible and accompanied by 10 years of warranty. Your next move! Contact Draculis now and immediately the engineer advisor will be close to you to listen to your needs. After measuring the dimensions of your ladder, you will propose the appropriate model for you, prepare FREE personalized study and finally give you the financial offer. So you’ll know everything about the final purchase price of the ladder ride! Draculis: Ikaria 2, 144 51 Metamorphosis – Attica Customer Service for free study of the staircase: 210 2842018 & 210 2841189, E-mail:

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