How many calories will I get from the table of Christmas?

It’s a thought that tortures our minds these days…
It can be rich in flavor and taste, you understand even better when you have fasted, but it is rich in calories. To not have regrets so now, here we have the answer! Turkey : it Has less fat than other kinds of meat but the quantity and the filling is responsible to the increased caloric efficiency.
A portion of well turkey together with the stuffing can be up to 650 calories!
Cake : Every part of Greece made different cakes either in the form of a cake or in the form of τυρόπιτας.
A medium piece of cake delivers 370 calories and 1 middle piece as the pie delivers 340 calories.
Chestnuts : chestnuts are usually found in stuffing can touch the 100 calories (4 large).
Baked potatoes : you can’t miss the potatoes from the table , anyway you always have to combine the protein, i.e. turkey, with a carbohydrate, namely, potatoes, in every full meal which is usually lunch.
One serving so potatoes ( around 180γρ) with a little oil attach to 300 – 350 calories. Salad : don’t forget to put salad on your plate because this will help you to fill up more so as not to ‘pinch’ a little something extra.
In case you have a different dressing or sauce that can be up to 200 calories otherwise if it just has olive oil, calories ranging from 150 – 200.
Wine : 1 glass of red wine has 100 calories and 1 glass of white wine has 80 calories.
Other alcoholic drinks : 1 glass of vodka delivers 185 calories and 1 glass of whiskey straight will give you 160 calories.
A beer of around 330 ml delivers 150 calories and contains less alcohol than other drinks. For lovers of champagne, 1 glass has 150 calories.
Soft drinks with sugar: 1 can (330ml) performs at around 140 calories so I prefer the Light. Sweets : A jelly has 170 calories, a melomakarono 150 and a next around 100 calories.
It can be learned so the calories of the Christmas table, but that doesn’t mean you have to καταπιεστούμε, I’ll just be careful and as for the food, and with regard to the drink.
It is good to not get to the point of ‘inflate’ completely for you to stop, just make sure your fill and enjoy!
Happy holidays to you all!
With the cooperation of the Royal Βαγιώτα Dietitian – Nutritionist Member of the Group