How it responds to the deputy mayor of Paphos in the crossfire

In an official announcement proceeded the deputy mayor of Paphos Christos Makariou compared with what happened in the past few days with the election of a deputy mayor and the…
decision of DIKO to delete and refer to disciplinary hearing.
Because various publications and comments in Mass Media to create, intentionally or not, wrong impressions, and conclusions in connection with my election to the office of the deputy Mayor of Paphos, I think it is appropriate to say the following:
1. The submission of candidacy for the mayoralty was not an end in itself for me, nor received pre-forecast decision. Considering part of the policy for the formation of partnerships between political forces with short-term or long-term goals, I took part in the consultation which took place between the DIKO and other parties for the formation of a joint proposal in connection with the mayoralty, the presidency of the School Board of Pafos and the composition of the Committees of the Municipality of Paphos.
A few hours before the session of the City Council, I made sure that discussion of cooperation exceeded the limits of cooperation on the basis of principles, positions, and with the first question of the good of Paphos, I decided to run to protect first, the validity of the new Council and to prevent the creation of the ranks of an outdated bipolarity. I acted of their own accord, in accordance with the mandate I think they gave me the voters of DIKO and the other citizens with their vote in the recent Municipal Elections, which for me was a mandate renewal to individuals and cultures.
2. I was and I remain an active member of the DIKO, expressing adherence to the principles and basic positions on the major issues of the country and of our society. This is not, depriving me of, I believe, the right to take as εκλελεγμένος officer of the Local Government initiatives that promote unity and rallying forces for the interest of the Municipality and of the city.
3. Will and my commitment is to work as deputy Mayor for the development of the City Council of the necessary climate of unity, consensus and synthesis in order that the great objectives of the Municipality to enter on a course of implementation to the benefit of the citizens and of the city of Paphos.