How is traveler nausea treated?

This is a common annoyance to those traveling by boat, car, plane, or train.

Symptoms include headache, cold sweats, paleness, shortness of breath, discomfort, dizziness, upset stomach, and vomiting.

Sometimes these symptoms may continue after the trip is over.

It is due to the “mismatch” of perceived and actual movement, which is determined by the cooperation of the ears and the eyes.

When these two organs perceive the actual movement of the body differently, the nausea of ​​the travelers occurs.

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What is the solution to the problem?

In the car, we sit in the front and leave the windows a little open for fresh air to enter. We look out the windows and straight ahead.

We avoid reading and make frequent stops. On the train, we choose a seat facing the direction we are traveling.

In the boat, we avoid closed spaces. It is better to be on deck with our eyes on the horizon.

On the plane, we prefer the seats above the wings of the plane which is the most stable part.