Honorary Δημότισσα Stylis C. Despotopoulos [video]

In a climate of emotion was held in Stylida on the afternoon of Saturday 12 December, the proclamation of the…
mrs. Yanna Despotopoulos member of the board.P.the International Committee of Special Olympics-as a honorary Δημότισσας Stylida.

The event was attended by a crowd of guests, including the members of Chr.Staikouras,the former member of Ath.Johnson,the former Mayor of Lamia C.Κοτρωνιάς, the general of the EL.NES.Andreas Apostolopoulos,the vice governor of Th.Καραϊσκος, the candidate member with the River D.Λαθούρης,the regional consultant of K.Apostolopoulos,representatives of local institutions,cultural and sports clubs and the Church.

Greeting addressed to the Attorney C.Duma, followed by a speech of the Mayor of Stylida From..Γκλέτσου while, took the floor and mrs. M….Τριανταφύλου mother of olympic gold medalist Mr. Triantafyllou who has not missed time by the side of mrs. Despotopoulos.

Followed by the screening of videos about the work of mrs. Despotopoulos.
The event framed the Musician Group of Stylida, and then followed by a dance program by the Association of asia minor If.Fthiotida,from the children’s section of the Association of Women’s Stylis, and by the cheerleaders of the Little Woman’s Club.

Visibly moved, mrs. Despotopoulos said that it is an honour of the celebration as the honorary Δημότισσας Stylida and praised the effort and the strength of all the athletes of the Special Olympics.