Home Carnival 2024: More than 20,000 children’s smiles on the streets – Uninvited joy and imagination

The great time of the little mascarades arrived with their great parade at the Patriot Carnival. Myriads of colorful images painted the streets of Patras. A never-ending river of festive mood was poured into the Patriot Carnival of the young children of Patras and not only. On the streets of the archaic capital the parade of the small carnivalists appeared, spreading joy and smiles in every corner of the city. At the beginning of the parade there were about 20,000 small carnivals with escorts, distributed to 122 participating teams, surpassing any previous participation. At the end of the parade the established chocolate war sweetened young and old leaving its own special touch. The children’s carnival has reached the peak of this year’s extremely successful year! And next year!