Hiking with a background in the blank. [photos]

    “Red” has to hit the adrenaline of the depicted pair climbed an extremely dangerous mountain trail and took these wonderful selfies to a height of 2.100 meters….
    This is Leonardo Pereira and his partner Victoria Nader, from Brazil who are on the edge of the mountain Hua, or Huashan, where they walked in the notorious “route through the sky”.
    By clicking on a trail with narrow wooden planks, the two lovers of adventure and nature haven’t stopped to photograph the stunning views of the surrounding mountain peaks and steep cliffs
    Mount Hua is one of the five sacred mountains of China and has religious significance, hosting a multitude of temples.
    The 23-year-old and the 19-year-old marched in the most dangerous part of the trail – which included the course on these narrow planks.
    “Although it looks scary, it’s actually a lot of fun,” says Leonardo in the Daily Mail, “the moment I saw this trail on Google, with the designation of “the most dangerous path in the world,” I said, in Victoria you have to visit”.
    “Honestly, it’s the most wonderful feeling I ever felt in my entire life. It sounds like at least 100 people die every year on this path, but I think in the last few years much has been done to increase safety measures. Although no one is forcing you to have safety equipment,” he adds.
    The most striking is perhaps the fact that the path is… two-way.