Hezbollah attacked the Israeli army in Golan Heights with drones

Lebanon announced that it launched an attack with many drones against positions of its anti-aircraft defence in the Israeli occupation Golan Heights. Hezbollah added that the four drones she launched “precisely” their goals, pointing out that it was another operation in support of armed Palestinian organisations in the Gaza Strip in the war with Israel. Since early October – when the war between Israel and Hamas began in the Gaza Strip after the Palestinian movement attacked Israel – Hezbollah has targeted daily Israeli military positions in evidence of support for the Palestinians. Israel responds by launching blows against Lebanon, which have mainly focused on the southern part of the country near the border, although in recent weeks targets have been hit and deeper on Lebanese territory. Since the start of hostilities nearly 300 people – in the majority of Hezbollah militants and other factions – have been killed in southern Lebanon, according to the AFP count. In northern Israel 16 people have been killed — ten members of the armed forces and six civilians — according to the Israeli army.