Hercules’ path loved by hikers and surrounding villages

Fthiotida is full of beautiful paths and routes followed by the knowledgeable and lovers of hiking. One of what the well-insulated know is Hercules’ famous path. A magnificent journey worth knowing and walking, not just once. One of the hiking trails that will surprise you pleasantly and is within walking distance from Athens. Apart from walking it and admiring the unique natural environment it passes through, this is also a good opportunity for excursion to the surrounding villages. One of the most beloved trails of hikers and climbers in Greece is the path of Hercules in Fthiotida. A demanding yet exciting route that charms anyone who chooses it all the time and since, of course, the weather allows it. To walk the path, one can start from the famous and beautiful village of Pavliani. It will first climb through forest roads and then follow the path. As the map below reveals, for convenience, we actually circle the Xerovouni from the north and go back to 1,500 meters altitude on a plateau. Then you will need to make a detour to the position “Davathra”, where the waters of the plateau will be seen lost within the cavern of the same name. There’s also drinking water. You then continue on a dirt road to the Heracleus Fire. The trail continues south of Xerovounio and eventually descends towards Pavliani. You just completed a route of unspoken natural beauty. .