Heraklion: He ended his life 2 months after being diagnosed with cancer

A 72-year-old was hanged in two months after the unfortunate elderly learned that he was suffering from . At the kitchen table of his house a hand-held note was found explaining the reasons that led him to the absented passage. The 72-year-old man from Heraklion put an end to his life, as he apparently could not bear the fact that he was diagnosed with cancer. As the neakriti.gr reports, his lifeless body found a relative of his in a warehouse in the house, having passed around his neck an improvised noose. Before he committed suicide, the unfortunate elderly left on the kitchen table, a hand – handed note to which he mentioned the reasons for the suicide. At the same time, he was saying goodbye to his own people in words from which he seemed to do what he intended to do. The 72-year-old reportedly had been diagnosed with lung cancer two months ago, with this fact having also been psychologically overwhelmed.